Patient Information

La Esperanza Clinic offers several payment methods which allow patients to have access to the care they need at a cost they can afford.

  • Sliding Fee Scale Discount Program

  • Medicare/Medicaid

  • Private Insurance

  • VISA/Master Card, Cash & Check

  • Onsite assistance with applying for state services such as Medicaid and CHIP​

    - Proof of income is required from all members in the patient's household in order for patient to                be eligible for the Sliding Fee Scale Discount Program 

Proof of Earned Income:

If patient gets paid, bring most recent pay stubs

  • One month of most recent pay stubs

  • if no pay stubs, provide Employment Verification Form

If patient does not have stubs or copies of checks, the patient can have their employer fill out an Employment Verification Form. For all patients, a filed tax return will be accepted until June 30 of the current year.

Proof of Unearned Income:
  • Current year Social Security Award Letter for Supplemental Income

  • Unemployment Benefits for current year Disability Award Letter

  • Pell Grants

  • Child Support (current printout from the Attorney General's office)

  • Retirement check for current year or statement showing payments

No Income:
  • Bring a letter of support (w/ the $ amount provided in a month) and a copy of the picture ID of the supporter if they will not be present at the appointment

  • Patients staying at a shelter should provide a letter of Support on a Business Letterhead



Note: ​If visit is not covered or paid in full, any remaining balances will be billed to patient.


Lake View Clinic

35 E. 31st St, San Angelo, TX 76903

(325) 658-5339

South Chadbourne Clinic

1610 S Chadbourne St, San Angelo, TX 76903

(325) 658-5339


2029 W Beauregard Ave San Angelo, TX 76901

(325) 658-5339  


Lake View C​linic

Primary Care

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Chadbourne Clinic

Primary Care

Behavioral Health

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Hours of Operation

Lake View Clinic

Mon-Fri: 8AM - 5PM

Pediatrics goes to 8PM on Mondays and Tuesdays

Chadbourne Clinic

Mon-Thu: 8AM - 8PM

Fri:             8AM - 5PM

Sat:            8AM - 12PM


Mon-Fri: 8AM - 5PM

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